May 29th - Women's Flip & Recovery River Safety Clinic

May 29th - Women's Flip & Recovery River Safety Clinic


Wednesday May 29th, Arkansas River Salida, CO. 

This full day women's specific clinic is designed to give you basic river safety skills and teach you how to deal with a flip situation. We will cover river safety skills such as: pulling yourself into a raft, righting an upside down raft, throw bagging and whitewater swimming techniques in a fun and supportive all women environment. This is a perfect opportunity to gain or brush up on some of those basic river safety skills that are so important on the water!

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PFDs and helmets are mandatory for this course, please let us know if you don't have your own so that we can provide them for you. Dress to swim! The water is cold in late May, we recommend either neoprene or dry gear, though fleece layers and splash gear can suffice. CRI will provide a light lunch, but please bring a water bottle to take on the boat and any additional snacks you might want. Dry cloths for the end of the day are a good idea too.