July 22nd ACA Essentials of River Safety & Rescue (1 day)

July 22nd ACA Essentials of River Safety & Rescue (1 day)


Course Overview: Essential River Safety and Rescue workshop teaches recognition and avoidance of common river hazards, execution of self-rescue techniques, and simple rescues of paddlers in distress. Emphasis is placed both on personal safety and on simple, commonly used skills. Fundamental techniques for dealing with hazards that carry greater risks for both victim and rescuer, such as entrapments, and pins, also are taught. This course is aimed primarily at new boaters, or boaters who anticipate paddling in moving or easy whitewater.

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Course Objectives:

  • Promote proactive prevention of river accidents and injuries.

  • Develop and practice key self-rescue skills.

  • Identify and avoid river hazards by understanding hydrology, hazards, and river features.

  • Focus on fast, low-risk strategies for early management of river accidents

  • Develop and practice methods for recovering swimmers, and loose boats and equipment

  • Develop and practice more advanced rope-based and in-water skills

  • Utilize rescue scene management principles needed within a paddling group