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About us

Alan Cammack and Elisha McArthur both grew up boating and consider rivers to be their ultimate passion, though Elisha finds her comfort in a raft and Alan finds his in a kayak. Since 2011 the pair have been paddling rivers around the world with their daughter Charlotte. As career professionals in the whitewater industry who have ultimately loved the pursuit of private boating, Alan & Elisha had a vision to make whitewater safer and more accessible for private boaters through education, skill building and resource accessibility, and so, Canyon River Instruction was born!
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CRI Staff


Elisha McArthur

Elisha McArthur has been in Love with Rivers her entire life. Having grown up in a family of private boaters, from the age of three Elisha spent her summer vacations rafting rivers like the San Juan, the Salmon and the Chama. Life circumstances changed though and when Elisha was about twelve, her family gave up boating. The young Elisha found the River's absence in her life to be a profound loss, but within a year she had found her own way back onto the River through a dear friend and a local rafting company. By the age of fifteen, Elisha knew without a doubt that she wanted to spend her life on the river and began pursuing a career as a guide. With the help of Steve Harris, owner of Far Flung Adventures in Taos NM, Elisha was able to realize that dream, and in 1999, the summer she turned 18 years old, Elisha began guiding commercial trips on the Rio Grande in NM. Elisha has since guided on rivers across the west and in Scotland. She spent five years as a head boatman, managing small rafting companies on the Arkansas River in CO, but she has always enjoyed training new guides and found the most joy in helping others to learn a love of the river, so her switch from guiding to teaching was quite a natural one and Canyon River Instruction is the culmination of both her passion and her skills. When Elisha is not on the river she is busy homeschooling her daughter Charlotte, being a 'ski race mom,' teaching violin, performing her music, repping Tuff River Stuff river gear and enjoying a fun filled busy life!



Alan Cammack

Alan Cammack grew up paddling the rivers and lakes of the Texas hill country from an early age, but didn't get into a real whitewater kayak until the age of 14. After that, he never looked back! Having found his true passion, Alan pursued kayaking full force and became a Jr. ACA kayak instructor at the age of 16. He paddled competitively in Slalom C1 through his teens, but when he moved to Colorado to attend college at Ft. Lewis in Durango, he had the Animas River in his back yard and realized that his love of paddling resided in whitewater more than gates. After college and some years of traveling he moved to Taos NM, along the Rio Grande, where he met Elisha, and eventually the two moved to Salida, CO where they now live on the banks of the Arkansas River. Even though Alan is technically a 'guide' and spends a good amount of time on a raft, he much prefers kayaking and spent most of his river career as a 'photo boater' (aka, a professional photographer taking whitewater action shots in places only accessible by boat.) Alan can often be found in his kayak, even on snowy winter days! When Alan is not in his kayak (and often when he is) you can find him with a camera in his hand, pursuing his other passion, photography. Alan passes the off season by mountain biking, skiing, paddling in the snow, and dreaming of river season.


Aaron McArthur

Aaron McArthur also began boating at a very early age. As Elisha's older brother, he too spent his early life enjoying family rafting trips. It wasn't until much later though that Aaron found his way back to the river after the family rafting trips ended. He was always willing to rally when Elisha invited him rafting, and the siblings had many fun adventures together over the years, but it wasn't until 2014 that Aaron decided to take a formal guide school, and under his sister's training, became a professional guide. In 2017 Aaron received his ACA raft instructor certification and we are proud to have him as one of our instructors. When Aaron isn't on the water he can often be found tearing up the trails and slopes on his mountain bike or skis.


Tommy Gram

My name is Tommy Gram. I have been whitewater kayaking for the past 16 years and Teaching kayaking for the past 10 years. I love spending time on the water in any capacity with students or friends, Class I or Class V. Whitewater Kayaking has brought me all over the place and given me many awesome experiences. I now live in the Upper Arkansas River Valley in Buena Vista Colorado. Currently I am an Instructor Trainer for the American Canoe Association (ACA) in the disciplines of Whitewater Kayaking and Swiftwater Rescue.


Amy moseman

Amy has always felt most at home outside, working in the fresh air. Her fascination with water started early. She kayaked as a kid in Indiana and fell in love with the ocean while living in Florida for almost 6 years living on an island and learning to scuba dive, spearfish and paddle board. After she moved to Colorado 4 1/2 years ago the magnetism of the river drew her in. Never experiencing whitewater before, the river was exciting and intimidating at the same time. She signed up for raft guide training in 2015 and guided for a few seasons. She realized her passion for the river was best shared with others through teaching. This was accomplished by overcoming fears and anxieties related to a traumatic white water experience. She finds solace in teaching by being able to empathize with newbies to the whitewater world.  This is seen through her great patience and understanding on the water. She got her paddle board instructor certification in 2017 followed by her  instructor certification in paddle boating and rowing in the summer of 2018. If she’s not teaching she’s participating in further trainings and hours spent playing and learning on the river. Always ready for the next adventure, Amy never has an off season participating in mountain biking, snowboarding, canyoneering, climbing and yoga when the water isn’t flowing.