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guide school for outfitters

Canyon River Instruction offers ACA skill based guide schools for outfitters needing to train new guides. In utilizing CRI to run your guide school, you not only free up your early season guides to be running the early season trips that you need them for, you also ensure that your new guides have a solid foundation of necessary paddling skills that build upon step by step essentials of paddling, maneuvering, reading water and river safety. CRI works with your prospective guides to give them a solid foundation of important whitewater skills, and gets them to a place where they can pursue their continuing education with your usual staff during a normal day on the water. (ie: learning the in's and out's of your company's gear care, rigging policies, lunch packing, etc… And learning the nuances of the particular stretches of river your company runs by riding along with your current staff of guides on their commercial trips and taking out 'training boats' to tag along with commercial trips.) CRI also encourages your company to introduce your prospective guides to the history and geology of your region, as interpretive information for them to impart to your guests. Having ACA trained guides gives your company an upper hand in both guide quality and consistency, as well as having the trusted name of the ACA associated with your company.

Please contact us to discuss your upcoming guide school.